Treatment can feel wonderfully relaxing and nurturing. It can also help alleviate the common side-effects of pregnancy, prepare the body for childbirth and restore strength after birth.

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'I had reflexology treatments with Genevieve during the latter part of both my pregnancies and could feel the benefits. Both our babies arrived healthy and well just before their due date!'
E C Twickenham

Starting a new business was stressful, I was feeling the pressure. Genevieve helped restore a new sense of calm and perspective with a combination of reflexology and astute observations. Regular treatments have helped me stay on track, both physically and mentally.'
B.W Sunbury

'I started reflexology during an incredibly difficult time in my life and found the sessions to be of immense benefit, both physically and emotionally.'
G.C Twickenham

'Genevieve's studio and the whole reflexology experience is like going into a different world. It feels so calm...'
C.M St Margarets

'I have been visiting Genevieve for over four years, for the treatment of stress and for general health and wellbeing. I find that her reflexology leaves me feeling energised, well balanced and calm. Regular treatment has helped me to create a significant change in my general health. As a practitioner, I find her warm, discreet and very intuitive to my general needs.'
H.C Richmond

'During the third trimester of my second pregnancy, I suffered sever hayfever. Reflexology with Genevieve was recommended by my NCT teacher, to help alleviate the symptoms. Geneveive worked miracles in my opinion, aiding in reducing my hayfever for several days. The treatment also addressed my mental wellbeing and any apprehension I had with regards to the appending birth.'
S.C East Twickenham

'My wife booked me in for a course of 8 treatments during a very stressful period in our lives. I came away from each session with a real sense of calm and peace. I had not realised what a negative impact my stress had been causing in all areas of my life.'
J.S Windsor

'My midwife referred me to Genevieve for a course of reflexology treatment during the last three weeks of my pregnancy as I was very stressed and anxious about the birth of my first child. Each treatment left me feeling calm, relaxed and empowered, and these feelings remained present during labour and the birth of Isabel. Her birthday was absolutely amazing! She was born at home and it took just 6 hours from start to finish, with no drugs at all. My midwife said that it was better than a text book birth!'

I am so grateful to Genevieve...
She coaxed me all the way through to the end of my pregnancy, and at ten days, after my due date, managed to get me into the right frame of mind, to begin labour and to move forward with a home birth, as I had originally planned. Her calm and positive approach to the birth, in conjunction with the relaxed, tranquil setting for treatments, made a huge difference to both myself and my baby - thank you Gen.
Claire x

Genevieve really helped me through my pregnancy. .. Her treatments were both relaxing and enjoyable and I noticed a real difference after I began treatments at 28 weeks, sleeping more soundly and losing the swollen ankles! I believe the course of reflexology I had, prepared my body for a smooth build up to the birth and a short natural labour; I even gave birth on my due date! Genevieve made me feel at ease throughout each session and it was also great to see her for treatments after I had my daughter, helping me to get back into shape both physically and emotionally. I have already recommended her to friends, and will certainly be seeing her for any future pregnancies I may have.

'Just to let you know, that baby Rose was born yesterday. It was a very smooth labour with both of us doing absolutely fine. She seems a very calm and balanced baby… reflexology with you was most definitely the right thing to have!'
Fondest regards , Bev X

'Just to say hi. I had a baby girl yesterday. No name as yet! It proved to be a lovely birth… thank you so much for all your support with my last minute nerves!'

'Gen-wonderful news! Our baby has been safely delivered at home. Thank you so much for all of your support during my course of treatment. Your positive and caring nature quelled any negativity over certain issues that I had experienced in the past.'

'Hi Gen! I had a beautiful baby boy twelve days late. He was 9 pounds 1 ounce. I had a water birth that was calm, quick and uncomplicated. In fact, I couldn't have asked for a better experience!'
Megan & Mick

'Just to let you know that Theresa has arrived. Very smooth labour and we are both doing fine. Very calm and balanced baby - sure the reflexology was the right thing to do again. Thanks.'

'Gen - we have wonderful news, our baby was safely delivered at home this evening. He is beautiful and we are overwhelmed, thank you so much for everything.'