There are many conditions that respond to reflexology. It is suitable for women, men and children, and can help to relieve: stress, anxiety, insomnia, migraines, depression, digestive disorders, menstrual and gynaecological issues.

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Can reflexology help me?

If you have some questions, please call for a complementary consultation 07736 677304 or email me here

5% discount on a course of six treatments or more.

If you are pregnant, it is always important to attend regular antenatal check-ups alongside any complementary therapies programme. Always speak to your doctor or midwife if you experience pain or any unusual symptoms.

What to expect on your first visit

In order to treat your individual needs, a profile of your medical history and your lifestyle needs to be considered. Once this has been evaluated your treatment can begin.

If you are pregnant or undergoing fertility treatment, it is always important to attend regular antenatel check-ups alongside any complimentary therapies programme. Always speak to your doctor or midwife if you experience pain or any unusual symptoms.

If you are undergoing medical treatment for a specific condition, it is advised that you speak with your doctor before embarking on any reflexology treatment.

'My midwife referred me to Genevieve for a course of reflexology treatment during the last three weeks of my pregnancy as I was very stressed and anxious about the birth of my first child. Each treatment left me feeling calm, relaxed and empowered, and these feelings remained present during labour and the birth of Isabel. Her birthday was absolutely amazing! She was born at home and it took just 6 hours from start to finish, with no drugs at all. My midwife said that it was better than a text book birth!'
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Genevieve really helped me through my pregnancy. .. Her treatments were both relaxing and enjoyable and I noticed a real difference after I began treatments at 28 weeks, sleeping more soundly and losing the swollen ankles! I believe the course of reflexology I had, prepared my body for a smooth build up to the birth and a short natural labour; I even gave birth on my due date! Genevieve made me feel at ease throughout each session and it was also great to see her for treatments after I had my daughter, helping me to get back into shape both physically and emotionally. I have already recommended her to friends, and will certainly be seeing her for any future pregnancies I may have.
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I am so grateful to Genevieve...
She coaxed me all the way through to the end of my pregnancy, and at ten days, after my due date, managed to get me into the right frame of mind, to begin labour and to move forward with a home birth, as I had originally planned. Her calm and positive approach to the birth, in conjunction with the relaxed, tranquil setting for treatments, made a huge difference to both myself and my baby - thank you Gen.
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